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Sun, October 24th 2010

Role-play Idea(s)


Prim victorian/wandering gypsy.  Mmmm, corrupt-y.

Mmmm, indeed!  & to riff on that ~ Repressed 50s housewife and repair wo/man.

Mon, October 11th 2010

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Sun, October 10th 2010

Sun, October 3rd 2010

Tue, August 17th 2010

Sat, August 7th 2010

Review: JimmyJane’s Form 2


Form 2, a.k.a. “Little Perky”

Vibrator by JimmyJane

Buy from EdenFantasys

The Form 2 took me by surprise - who knew such powerful and varied vibrations could come in such a small package? The versatility of this compact, wireless, waterproof vibe makes it ideal for creative play: in the bath, in a side room at work, tucked into a harness pouch during partner sex… Think of it as an investment for good times to come.  See my full review here, then see what this one can do for you!

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Sat, August 7th 2010

Review: Spartacus Blindfold

by Spartacus
Buy from EdenFantasys

Sensory deprivation play is just so delicious… especially if you play games like “What’s in My Mouth?” with your lover. This soft leather blindfold has its good points, but for full visual deprivation, this simply doesn’t cut it. If you want a true blindfold, look elsewhere - this one is an ‘almost-blind’fold.   See my full review on Eden Fantasys.

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Wed, August 4th 2010

Review: Vixen’s “Off with their Head” Hitachi Cap

Off with Their Head
Vibrator Attachment by Vixen Creations
Buy from EdenFantasys

I thought I had it all with my original Hitachi! Little did I know… this cap’s various ridges expand on the Wand’s strong vibrations for variation & new sensations. This is the cherry on top of an already very good thing.  See my full review on Eden Fantasys, then experience the magic!

Fri, July 2nd 2010

Review: Fun Factory’s “Magnum” Dildo

Dildo by Fun Factory
Buy from EdenFantasys

The Magnum is smooth, deliciously filling, and has a simply functional design. It’s both beautiful to look at and a delight to use. I would recommend this for anyone, anytime, anywhere. By far one of my favorites!   See my full review on Eden Fantasys, then experience this (very) functional art!

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Thu, July 1st 2010